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Analyzing = Anxiety

I think the majority of us have a little bit of over-analyzing within us.  Perhaps some more than others.  I have a friend that is currently jumping into the Mormon dating scene and is slightly nervous about it.  He likes … Continue reading

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I sit alone in church.  A few years ago, my Bishop told me to and I’ve been doing it ever since.  He told me there were many young men in the ward that were hesitant in approaching girls, let alone … Continue reading

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I always wanted to know everything about something.  Last week I heard that I had accomplished that very goal!  A friend told me I was a “know-it-all” about dating.  The best part was she didn’t tell me to my face…so … Continue reading

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You are so Arrogant…

Oh good ‘ol Gordon taught us a lot about about what we should be concerned about right now in our lives.  And it seems to me he’s telling us we’re weird (not normal) if this isn’t our focus! …Every normal … Continue reading

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