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Moral Dilemma

Tricked you…there actually is no dilemma in the topic I’m about to discuss.  Well…at least there shouldn’t be.  Morality.  What in the world are single adults, and mid-single adults thinking???  I’ll tell you what they’re thinking…that it’s no big deal … Continue reading

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So What Should I Do With My Life?

There are days I just wish someone would tell me what in the world I was supposed to be doing with my life.  There are other days I have the clearest vision of who I am and what I am … Continue reading

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Girls on the Edge…Actin’ Stupid!

In the middle of my 20’s I went through a break up that rocked my world.  It was the biggest struggle of my life getting over it.  I had lost all sense of who I was or where my future … Continue reading

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Should I Stay or Should I Go….

How many times have you started dating somebody and things were pretty much close to perfection…and then you start feeling all sorts of uncertain about any future possibilities with this person?  So… you check out, move onto the next lady … Continue reading

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Line Upon Line…Date After Date

This morning I was listening to Elder Bednar’s previous conference address, “The Spirit of Revelation.”  Absolutely superb talk!  He spoke of the revelation and inspiration we receive from the spirit, and the many different ways it can be received. A … Continue reading

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How a Man can Successfully Marry- When he’s Plagued with the ‘Yunger Hunger’

Well I do believe I came across the answer on how to make all you 35 year old+ men who love the ‘barely legal’ ladies – successful in your dating pursuits.  You are all welcome.  Send me an invite to … Continue reading

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Wasted Thoughts and Wrecking Balls

If you think something nice…you’re just supposed to say it.  Otherwise it’s one big ‘ol fat wasted thought.  Thank Heavens there are a few others that have been kind enough to show me they abide by this rule of thought.  … Continue reading

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A note to the Mrs.

About 6-7 years ago I was in the real estate business working my tail off.  I had finally decided it was time for myself to take Elder Oaks counsel in his talk, “Dedication of a Lifetime” and stop waiting around … Continue reading

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Dating Clients

        VS. I had a dream come true referred to me the other day.  I read this guy’s profile and I’ll be honest – he’s the kind of guy, in the kind of situation, that would be perfect for me.  … Continue reading

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Uh-oh Uchtdorf

President Uchtdorf spoke loud and clear to me yesterday during General Conference.  (You can watch his full address here!)  I went into conference with a few questions in mind that I hoped to receive answers to.  I left conference with … Continue reading

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