Uh-oh Uchtdorf

President Uchtdorf spoke loud and clear to me yesterday during General Conference.  (You can watch his full address here!)  I went into conference with a few questions in mind that I hoped to receive answers to.  I left conference with more answers than I know what to do with.  And that darn Uchtdorf seemed to keep mentioning things that I prefer to pretend I don’t have a problem with.

“This is just how I am” is a common phrase we think abolishes any form of personal responsibility of our behavior.  We all use justification, denial, and blaming to help maintain a positive image of ourselves.  In fact Dale Carnegie enlightened me to the fact that half of the mentally insane in the world actually have nothing organically wrong with their brain cells.  They are simply people creating a world where they are important that they were unable to achieve in the real world!  Yes, we like to use many self defense mechanisms to keep us from being overwhelmed by the plentiful variety of flaws we’re made up of.

Well…apparently it’s time to, “Stop it!” and be an all around nicer person.  Enough of judging others, it’s time to judge myself.  Let go of grievances?  I yi yi…that’s like the hardest thing in the world to do when I feel like someone has wronged me.  Who wants to give someone a second chance and get messed with again.  Stop punishing those people?  Stop the gossip…even if it’s totally 100% true?!  (Somehow we always seem to rationalize that it’s ok if it’s the truth we speak!…or if I’m just telling it to my mom and no one else.)

All I know is that I’m so grateful that I have a Heavenly Father that knows each of His children individually.  I’m glad that He knows what is genuinely in their hearts and where their intentions lie.  I will say that I have always had the belief that for the most part people are doing the best they know how.  Many times I don’t agree with how one might go about doing it, and the interference it at time brings into my life.  However,  I gotta remember to just let it go, focus on the good, and leave the rest to God.

Pres. Uchtdorf…you got me.  What you shared weren’t the lessons or answers I was looking for – but don’t you worry…I heard them loud and clear!  Thank you for that! xoxo

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