I sit alone in church.  A few years ago, my Bishop told me to and I’ve been doing it ever since.  He told me there were many young men in the ward that were hesitant in approaching girls, let alone asking them out…because the girls were always swarmed by their girlfriends.  It makes sense right?  How much more approachable is someone that’s alone verses someone that is in the middle of ongoing conversation with their closest pals?

Now, I’m the first one to despise going to social events alone.  I HATE doing that.  I prefer to go with at least one person even if I don’t talk to them the whole night…I just like it better.  But I have a friend that told me recently she’s made it a goal to show up to things alone – and she has – and she’s got more guys talking to her.  Props to her.

I have another friend that recently came back from a singles event with one major complaint.  He said girls have got to stop being so occupied with other girls!  “Two guys aren’t the ones duking it our for the attention of a girl, they’re usually fighting for a girls attention from another girl!”

Honestly ladies…what are we doing being a part of that kind of self-sabotage?  You want more guys to talk to you, get your number, ask you out?  Then it’s time to start being approachable.  Pick wisely in your choice of girlfriends that accompany you to social single events.  A true BFF that genuinely has your best interest at heart will catch a clue when the boy you’re interested in comes to talk to you.  She’ll figure out a way to politely exit from the conversation and allow you to shine!  Or better yet, she’ll ditch out once that initial eye contact/flirtation has been made with your new crush and leave you stranded.  Stranded and alone paves way for an easy opportunity for the new crush to head your way and start a conversation with you!  

And just as a side note…if your bff is a total attention grabber or social sabotager on your behalf –  maybe you’d be wise to pick a new one for single events?

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2 Responses to Bad BFF

  1. Kristy says:

    This is totally true!!! My roommates and I were talking about it on Sunday. This Sunday, I’m going to challenge them to sit alone at an activity this month. We just moved into the ward, and its a whole new crowd for us to work!

  2. Ansel Leigh says:

    YES!!!! A friend and myself had become “besties” and it was wrecking all chances for attention from the opposite sex. This is truth-we are all shooting ourselves in the feet when we do this (yes, girls are the worst culprits in regards to this.)

    Vowing to try harder.

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