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Boys Adrift (part 2)

Now the other parallel to LDS dating I found in learning about Kenntnis vs. Wissenschaft, was our need to act and not just be acted upon.  Sure it’s great to read everything we can get our hands on in regards … Continue reading

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Boys Adrift (part 1)

Again with the books…still obsessed.  Go Dr. Sax!  Primarily these books focus on the issues that young boys and girls face.  However, I am amazed at how the concerns you and I face as adults, are merely the offspring of … Continue reading

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I sit alone in church.  A few years ago, my Bishop told me to and I’ve been doing it ever since.  He told me there were many young men in the ward that were hesitant in approaching girls, let alone … Continue reading

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40 yr. old virgin…obviously!

He had dark hair, he was hot, and he was checkin’ me out!  Sounds fun right?  Yeah, well it was for the first 5 times I caught him looking at me.  Then I just started thinking he was some kind … Continue reading

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You are so Arrogant…

Oh good ‘ol Gordon taught us a lot about about what we should be concerned about right now in our lives.  And it seems to me he’s telling us we’re weird (not normal) if this isn’t our focus! …Every normal … Continue reading

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Gettin’ back in the game

Nothing is worse than breaking up.  It really is hard to do!  The heartbreak that comes from a true love dissolved is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.  In my younger years prior to experiencing true love … Continue reading

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