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Should I Stay or Should I Go….

How many times have you started dating somebody and things were pretty much close to perfection…and then you start feeling all sorts of uncertain about any future possibilities with this person?  So… you check out, move onto the next lady … Continue reading

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Dating Clients

        VS. I had a dream come true referred to me the other day.  I read this guy’s profile and I’ll be honest – he’s the kind of guy, in the kind of situation, that would be perfect for me.  … Continue reading

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Uh-oh Uchtdorf

President Uchtdorf spoke loud and clear to me yesterday during General Conference.  (You can watch his full address here!)  I went into conference with a few questions in mind that I hoped to receive answers to.  I left conference with … Continue reading

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Dr. Crush

I had a crush.  A big, fat, overwhelming, crush on a Doctor.  I hadn’t even met him yet, but I was pretty sure he was the one.  And my mom thought he was the one, and my best friend thought … Continue reading

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Looking past the food falling out of his mouth…

So tonight I was out to eat with a client of mine.  Nice guy, could use to loose a good 20 lbs (couldn’t we all…bless our hungry little hearts), has a great job, good conversation etc. etc.  I had a … Continue reading

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You are so Arrogant…

Oh good ‘ol Gordon taught us a lot about about what we should be concerned about right now in our lives.  And it seems to me he’s telling us we’re weird (not normal) if this isn’t our focus! …Every normal … Continue reading

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