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Dating Clients

        VS. I had a dream come true referred to me the other day.  I read this guy’s profile and I’ll be honest – he’s the kind of guy, in the kind of situation, that would be perfect for me.  … Continue reading

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Looking past the food falling out of his mouth…

So tonight I was out to eat with a client of mine.  Nice guy, could use to loose a good 20 lbs (couldn’t we all…bless our hungry little hearts), has a great job, good conversation etc. etc.  I had a … Continue reading

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Say no to Crazy

Last week I was speaking with a client about a few girls he had some interest in.  Not feeling that a particular girl was a good match for him I crossed her off his list.  He responded saying, “I don’t … Continue reading

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Can the Gospel make ugly girls hot?

So this morning I was reading about the spiritual transformation that occurred with Zeeezrom in Alma in the Book of Mormon.  Amulek and Alma teach powerful doctrine and we see how pure doctrine can change lives.  I often think about … Continue reading

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