• “The first time Tristen set me up – it was love at first sight. The second time – it was far from love at first sight. But all I have to say is that it’s a good thing Tristen has the eyes to see what I can’t! I just kissed man #2 last night. Most romantic night of my life. I place all of my trust in the hands of the Mormon Matchmaker.” (Anonymous- Female)
  • The Mormon Matchmaker surprised me!  I filled out my online application with some initial skepticism, but I quickly had a change of heart.  Tristen had never met me before, yet within a couple days of receiving my application she emailed me and told me she had someone that was “perfect for me.”  Since she was so upbeat and confident about it, I decided I might as well give it a shot.  Turns out that it was a great match!  She set me up with the exact type of girl that I envisioned; a girl who is righteous, beautiful, full of faith, always happy, and who is so much fun to be around.  I was shocked that I liked her so much because we all know how blind dates usually go.  One date led to a second, then to a third, and after two months things are still going very well.   Although we only lived 45 minutes away, I am confident that without Tristen we never would have met and had this privilege to get to know one another.  It has been a great experience.  Of course only time will tell how things work out but that is just another part of the adventure that is dating!  To sum it up, the Mormon Matchmaker is impressive!  I highly recommend her! (Trevor)
  • “One word. Vision. If the Mormon Matchmaker makes a recommendation to you- start planning the wedding because you better believe it is someone she can see you with for the eternities. She has a gift.” (Sariah)
  • “Some say Matchmaking is a joke but I say it’s the real deal!!  Tristen has the ability to spread pixy dust with her little Matchmaking Wand and I’m so glad I’m able to be a part of the magic!  (Shannon)
  •   I met Tristen through my involvement with the Mormon Bachelorette. There were so many situations going into the situation that were foriegn to me. The intentions that I had for certain actions that I made were not written in the book of life anywhere so others had a tough time understanding what I meant. My favorite characteristic of Tristen’s is how dedicated to the gospel principles she is and how they apply to the realm of dating.  She has no problem pointing out weak points but they are always coupled with a suggestion on how to improve. I have definitely come to regard Tristen as a trusted friend whom I call for sound advice. Please do yourselves a favor and contact her. (Rudd)


Jason and Britni Seastrand

Without Tristen I would have never met, nor would I have ever dated my wife. She was able to identify that my wife and I were a good match, and quickly realized that our personalities and goals in life were very compatible. In addition, Tristen’s steady and encouraging advice helped me through the initial awkward stages of our relationship, and provided me with guidance whenever I requested. My wife and I have now been married for over five years and are looking forward to many more years together.

-Jason Seastrand


Matt and Chelsea StaffieriTristen is one of those very rare people blessed with an innate ability to see the beauty in individuals and match the polished and rough spots of one human being with that of another.   Tristen introduced my wife and me at a football game 11 years ago.  From that moment on Tristen continued to encourage and support us until we tied the knot on August 19, 2000.  The rest is history.  Chelsea and I have been blessed with a wonderful life together that we share with our three beautiful children.  I am eternally grateful to Tristen for not only persuading me to meet her friend that she ‘just knew’ I’d be interested in, but also for coaching me along the entire way.

-Matt Staffieri


(Current Male Client)

I consider Tristen Ure my greatest asset and counselor in dating and trying to find someone to settle down with.  Unfortunately, at this time in my life, I am unable to spend as much time as most other single 34 year olds socializing and dating.  My job is demanding, stressful, and time-intensive.  When I do have time to meet people or socialize, I want that time to be not only fun, but also effectively spent.  In addition to my time restraints, I limit myself to dating those of my same faith (Latter-day Saint/Mormon).  There are few Mormon women in my region of the country that I am interested in but through email, social networks, etc., I think it is possible to meet people, socialize, and date even in a long-distance context.  With the foregoing background, it is clear why I find great utility in a matchmaker.  I turn to Tristen before all else for the following reasons:

1.     Effective communicator.

Tristen strikes an appropriate balance between getting a message across and having enjoyable conversation.  I have noticed over the years that Tristen is able to quickly determine what kind of mood I am in, whether I am in a rush, whether I want to talk in-depth, etc. and always speaks with me accordingly.

2.     Great capacity to listen and understand my desires, shortcomings, anxieties, preferences, etc.

Tristen is able to synthesize the many elements of a personal make-up and really understand someone.  She is what people might call a “good read” of people.  I am therefore comfortable with her recommendations and suggestions as I think she uses her talents to make good connections between people.

3.     Very well connected.

Of course this matters to me!  Tristen knows all the hot girls and the cool girls…and the rare exception – a girl that is both.  If she doesn’t know them, she can get to know them easier than anyone else I know.  Everyone likes Tristen because of her vibrant but not overbearing personality.

4.     Advice that is helpful to me.

Tristen is able to draw on a wide range of experiences and interactions with different segments of the single population.  I’ve noticed lately that she is well-read and her advice as to relationships isn’t just conjecture or things she reads in US Weekly.  I trust that Tristen’s advice is well thought out.

5.     Makes it fun, gives me hope, and motivates.

I think single people should view their situation with excitement.  This is the time wherein you will find your spouse…seems like that should be exhilarating, filled with hope, and even romantic.  I don’t want to be mired with stress, anxiety and confusion.  Tristen provides the perspective that alleviates concerns and enthuses the soul.

It has been my desire to hire Tristen to help me in my dating activities and pursuit of a spouse from some time now.   I place all my confidence in Tristen as a matchmaker.  I know her as a friend and cannot say enough good things about her.  I know her as a matchmaker and value her for all of the above reasons and more.

(Current Male Client)

I’ve known Tristen Ure for close to fourteen years. I met her while I was in college.  She was always extremely outgoing, positive and friendly. My roommates and I always loved having her around. Even more than just my roommate and I, Tristen had a lot of friends, men and women. People loved being around her. She was in a better sense of a word – magnetic! With this magnetism and lots of friends came a lot of very attractive “girlfriends”. She was always attempting to line me up with one of her many friends and she would rarely disappoint. I am very picky! I know most guys say that but I really am. She was one of the few girls that would set me up with the type of women I like. I’ve dated a lot in my day and for some reason to this day nobody was able to set me up with women that I actually liked as much as Tristen was able to! Recently I had a bit of a crisis with my current girlfriend. We were broken up at the time, but I really wanted to get back together and she didn’t. There was no question who I needed to talk to. Tristen. She spent much time with me at lunch and on the phone giving me advice based on what was currently happening with my relationship. I’d like to think I’m a pretty smart guy but I was at a loss with what I should do. No joke, her advice was spot on! Within a few weeks my girlfriend and I were back together, in a large part thanks to the advice I received from Tristen. That wasn’t the first time I’ve gotten great advice from her and it certainly won’t be the last. Tristen Ure  was meant for any occupation that deals with love, matchmaking and relationship advice.


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