Master Mind

My buddy Richard Miller sent this to me…I thought it was awesome!

Andrew Carnegie said any two people that come together and push each other toward higher heights are a “Master Mind”. CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien used to get together and talk about their writing and push each other forward. Ben Franklin had such a group with his peers, and Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Warren Harding, and Harvey Firestone had such a group together:
Iron Sharpens Iron- The Power of Master Mind Groups

If a husband and wife work together on the same goals and have a mindset of pushing each other forward, they make a “Master Mind” of their marriage. I really liked this article that explains this concept:
Marriage as a Master Mind

If you only read one of these articles, read the second one.

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  1. whaleman says:

    I love the whole idea of collaboration. It is so much better putting great minds together in order to achieve bigger and better things. Trying to do it by yourself often will leave you feeling hollow and stuck with all of the blame when something does go wrong. At least when you work together not only do you get feedback but you can also shed some of the responsibility and blame

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