The MormonMM Mission Statement

For quite some time I’ve been involved in the Young Single Adult program in the LDS church.  I’ll admit that if the right opportunity came at the right time in my life…I would’ve skipped out on this current calling in life long ago.  However – it hasn’t.  I’m stuck with what I’ve got and thankfully I’m pretty happy, optimistic, and faithful as to what the future holds for me.  I believe in Marriage.  I believe in families.  In my lovely hobby of Mormon Matchmaking, I hope to be able to reinstall some of that belief and hope of what is to come for other young single adults that may have lost sight of what we’re working towards and for.

Sister Julie B. Beck gave a talk to the Seminaries and Institutes of Religion in a Satellite Broadcast on August 4, 2009.  The talk, “Teaching the Doctrine of the Family” has become the motivation behind any and all of my attempts to bring people together in hopes of creating temple marriages.  She speaks of the importance of covenants, the certain “responsibilities” that we have to accomplish to receive eternal life.  She emphasizes “When we speak of qualifying for the blessings of eternal life, we mean qualifying for the blessings of eternal families.” Basically -Sister Beck declares how family certainly IS central to the Creator’s plan and how it needs to be the #1 focus in the hearts and minds of the rising generation.  (That means you and me…my fellow singles!)

Here are some bits of genius from that talk:

“We’re here to help with the Lord’s purpose, as it says, to help them achieve “eternal life.”  In Moses 1:39 we learn, “For behold, this is my work and my glory- to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.”  We know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ our immortality has been taken care of, but to receive eternal life we have some responsibilities.  There are certain things that we have to do.”

Those certain ‘things’ are based on covenants…

“Without the family, there is not a plan; there is no reason for it.  I’m not certain that everyone of the rising generation understands that with clarity.”

“We see evidence all around us that the family is not important.  It’s becoming less important in all societies.

…We know, from our studies here at Church headquarters concerning the rising generation, that our youth are increasingly less confident in the institution of families.  They are less confident in their ability to form a successful eternal family.  Because they are less confident in families, they’re placing more and more value on education and less and less importance of forming an eternal family.

We know, from visiting with them and conducting studies, that they show a lack of faith in their ability to be successful in families.  They don’t see families as a faith-based work.  For them it’s a selection process much like shopping. They don’t see it as something that the Lord will bless them and help them to accomplish.  They also distrust their own moral strength and and the moral strength of their peers.  Because temptations are so fierce, they aren’t sure they can be successful in keeping covenants.  They also have insufficient and underdeveloped social skills, which are an impediment to them in forming eternal families.

…They’re getting increasingly adept at talking to somebody 50 miles away and less and less able to carry on a conversation with people in the same room”

Then Sis. Beck talks about pornography, and the media.  She talks about how women are the new target for this nastiness.

“A lot of the anitfamily messages that you are hearing are targeting young women.  Satan knows that he will never have a body; he will never have a family.  He will target those young women who create the bodies for the future generations and who should teach the families.  They don’t even know what they’re being taught in the messages.”

She goes through Alma 30 and discusses Korihor who was an anti-Christ.

“Anti-Christ is anti-family!  Any doctrine or principle our youth hear from the world that is anti-family is also anti-Christ.  It’s that clear.  They need to know that if it’s anti-family, it’s anti-Christ.  And anti-Christ is anti-family.”

Closer to the end of her talk she quotes President Kimball:

“The time will come when only those who believe deeply and actively in the family will be able to preserve their families in the midst of the gathering evil around us. …We of all people, brothers and sisters, should not be taken in by the specious arguments that the family unit is somehow tied to a particular phase of development a moral society is going through.  We are free to resist those moves which downplay the significance of the family and which play up the significance of selfish individualism.  We know that when things go wrong in the family, things go wrong in every other institution in society.”

All I gotta say is Sister Beck lays it down solid…and I like it!  Families…it’s all about families.  Best get going to help make some good ones!!!


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2 Responses to The MormonMM Mission Statement

  1. DIANE STEWART says:

    Are you the young woman who was featured on one of the local stations recently?

    Also, do you know of the website where the matchmaker sets up 30 dates in one month and then the honoree narrows it down to 8 possibilities. I didn’t see the segment on the news but a family member said they thought this was mentioned in the same segment. A friend of our family recently did just that and met many wonderful young men and ended up marrying one of our neighbors!

    Please get back to me. Thanks!

    • tristen says:

      Hi Diane-
      Ashley Chapman is the girl that you’re looking for. I’m affiliated as the Mormon Matchmaker on a web series that features Ashley as the Mormon Bachelorette. You can check it out at to see her dates and follow her on her excursion to find true Mormon love. XOXO-T

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