Boys Adrift (part 2)

Now the other parallel to LDS dating I found in learning about Kenntnis vs. Wissenschaft, was our need to act and not just be acted upon.  Sure it’s great to read everything we can get our hands on in regards to dating, marriage, and relationships.  However if we are not applying our understanding of what we’re learning with some real life experience (Kenntnis), our dating development will be impaired.

“Kids [and I might add LDS YSA] need to experience the real world.  Only in the past decade have developmental psychologists come to recognize that a curriculum that emphasizes Wissenschaft at the expense of Kenntnis may produce a syndrome analogues to the neglected child.”

Wow…I might be really confusing you!  But – it is soo clicking in my head!  There are things that we can do (the application of what we’ve learned) that can help us in our progression and preparation towards marriage.  And those things are incredibly important for us to actually do…whatever they might be.  Elder Bednar touched on this principle in this short clip.

I loved the example of what that women did to better prepare herself for marriage.  She showed how a ‘hands on’ marriage prep. experience doesn’t have to only come in the form of dating more.  A unique approach!  I like it!

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