40 yr. old virgin…obviously!

He had dark hair, he was hot, and he was checkin’ me out!  Sounds fun right?  Yeah, well it was for the first 5 times I caught him looking at me.  Then I just started thinking he was some kind of mute that was too scared to talk to a girl and it got weird!  I found it even more peculiar when I learned his age…he was 40 years old!  Had this man gotten by his entire life by girls approaching him?  (He was that kind of good looking…so it definitely could be the case.) Did he have no desire to leave the single world behind?  Why was he at a singles event if he wasn’t even going to approach the girl he was continually checking out?  Bizarre if you ask me.

Now typically my view point is that if a boy has enough of an interest in a girl, he will eventually do something about it…and if he doesn’t – catch a clue – he’s not interested.  Well, at first I assumed that was the case in this scenario.  But seriously there wasn’t a time when we weren’t in the same room that I didn’t catch him looking at me.  Once I caught on, I tried to help him out.  I had a smile on my face, I wasn’t surrounded by swarms of girls, I was for sure approachable.  Yet…he just kept staring… from a distance.

I thought I might shed some light on what goes through a woman’s mind in this kind of scenario.

  1. We see him catch our eye, we’re intrigued.  (Intrigued that this attractive man has chosen us to focus his attention on.  We assume he has confidence and is going to pursue what he’s interested in…and that makes things exciting, flirtatious, and fun!)
  2. It happens again, we get a little twitter-patted with anticipation wondering if he’ll approach us.
  3. We get a third eye lock and respond with a smile so he feels encouraged to come our way.
  4. He doesn’t come our way and we question ourselves, wondering if he really was checking us out??
  5. We catch him looking again, confirming that he does in fact have some interest in us.
  6. Then we just start thinking he must be a total wuss.  The confidence we accredited towards him is lost, and we are no longer intrigued or interested.
  7. Then we just start wondering about all the things that must be wrong with him and are actually relieved he never approached us in the first place.

So maybe 1-7 are strong generalizations..but do you see my point?  Girls like it when boys see what they want and go after it.  When the boys do nothing about their apparent wants…we loose interest and attraction.  We like confidence in a man.  We like a man that knows what he wants and is making moves to get it.  Even if we personally aren’t interested in him…we’re impressed with his confidence and will set him up with our best friend and they’ll get married and all feelings regarding him will stay happy and positive!

This poor guy’s going to be a 60 yr. old virgin before he knows it.  What a shame.

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