Seriously you’re still single? What’s wrong with you?

My buddy Richy Rich sent me over a great article that was in the NY Times today, “Sometimes, It’s Not You.”  Phew!!! What a relief that perhaps it’s not my fault that I’m on my way to Spinsterhood!

Funny thing is getting older was the best thing that ever happened to me.  Actually…turning the big 3-0 was the best thing that ever happened to me.  For me my time line was to be off and married having kids at least by the age of 30!  Oh the anxiety and anxiousness and pressure I put on myself to reach those goals.  But then that dreadful day came… and I was as single as ever…and then that day passed.  The world didn’t end (well maybe in my poor mother’s eyes it did…bless her heart) and off I went.  At that point I figured 30, 40, 50 what’s the difference?  I’ll get married when I get married – and what relief that way of thought brought to me!

Obviously I desire a temple marriage and children to raise.  But the beauty of turning 30 was finally realizing some of it is just out of my hands.  Thankfully I’ve always had a pretty happy life – but now I was going to double my efforts of being extremely satisfied as a single adult.  Sister Oaks has essentially said, “if you aren’t happy single, you’re not going to be happy married!”  On that monumental birthday I once and for all stopped putting a time frame on my dating and relationships.  It’s going to happen when it’s going to happen!

At this point in my life I can really say that I’m not standing in my own way of getting married.  Sure I’m a little rough around the edges and there is always plenty of room for improvement – but I’m pretty alright if I do say so myself!  I’m worthy, I’m happy, I’m progressing, and my time will come.

Read the article…find relief…there’s not some huge crazy reason why you’re not married.  (But then again…maybe there is.  If you’re a client of mine I’ll try to tactfully tell you just what it might be;)


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