If you’re so good at matchmaking…why don’t you match yourself?

I get asked this question all the time.  Usually it’s prefaced by something like, “I don’t mean to be rude, but…” Guess what – I’m not offended.  It’s a totally valid question.  In fact Patti Stanger herself, (in my opinion the best in the business) is asked that same question all the time.  Upon meeting her myself I even wondered why she hadn’t used her skills on her own behalf.  But then as I proceeded to match her up and watch her break her own rules I came to the conclusion as to why she hadn’t yet ‘matched herself.’ – However…that is another story for another day.  (and trust me…it’s a good one;)

So yes, it’s true – I’m single.  I date often and am confident my efforts will one day become fruitful in regards to marriage.  But I gotta say there is a bit of beauty in my currently being single.  Here’s why:

1. I understand.  I want to find love just as much as anybody else that becomes a client of mine.  That individual ‘want’ is precisely why I’ve dedicated so much time to helping others get what they ‘want.’  The fact of the matter is, if I was married off raising my kids I wouldn’t be nearly as invested in this process for you.  I would think those that are still single just need to get a grip, stop being so picky, and choose someone to marry already.  In actuality that may be the majority of the truth in the matter of single YSA’s…but it’s nice when the handful of other reasons that we find our lot difficult to resolve is understood by the person trying to help you fix the single state you’re in.  That person, is me.

2. If I had someone out there doing what I’m doing for you – for me…I’d no doubt be married.  I know where I’m a moron when it comes to dating.  When those moronic moments arise I would thrill to have someone that I trust completely.  Someone that would keep my honest details private.  Someone that genuinely had my best interest at heart.  Someone that knew what they were talking about, and could advise me as to my next move so I wouldn’t do something I totally regretted later!  If I had someone out looking specifically for what I’m hoping to find in an eventual spouse, weeding out the weirdos and creeps, and bringing me back the best of the bunch???  Well like I said – if I had me out there I’d be married already.

3. I’m willing.  I absolutely love the opportunity to help someones greatest desire come to pass.  It’s like missionary work to me.  I pretty much think we’re all here on Earth to prove ourselves and make it back to our Heavenly Father, and then influence as many others as we can to do the same.  If I can help bring two people together to enjoy the blessings that come with a Temple Marriage I think I’m on the right path.  I love being a Matchmaker.  Being a successful matchmaker is a reward like no other!

So there’s a few reasons to humor you for the time being.  My time will come…I’ll get matched eventually by my own doing or perhaps even yours (and if that’s the case…I thank you in advance)!  It’ll be a great day that I look forward to.  But until then…let’s focus on how I can help you.


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  1. rika says:

    my single girlfriend cleverly compares dating to missionary work. we’re always needing to build our finding pool, we’re teaching or dating those in our finding pool (additionally, we have been teaching our non-member friends/dates the gospel), and looking for those who will progress toward a temple marriage. as it is with missionary work, the member referrals in addition to ‘the mormon matchmaker’ are seen as the most effective means to our end goal, so we use any opportunity (for me it was a few lines during a recent sacrament talk) to let it be known to the members of my ward that i am single and welcome any potential suitors.

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