Love…It’s just around the corner

It’s a real easy thing to think everyone else has found love except you.  It’s even easier to feel like you deserve love more than everyone else around you.

YUCK….on that sense of entitlement…it’s the devil!   And YUCK…on playing the victim who is constantly comparing their lives to everyone else’s.

(and ps: if you personally are having a problem doing that then you should consider getting off the internet for a while.  I swear all media junk is what makes us think we don’t live the great lives that we actually do! Stop reading blogs, browsing FaceBook, or whatever else you do that wastes hours away accomplishing nothing other than peeping into others not so private lives that are portrayed and then assumed by you to be practically perfect! -I don’t like to ever compare myself to others cause then I might start thinking my really really great life isn’t as great after all…when it is actually just perfect for me!)

I like to tell myself that

Love is right around the corner

It really is.  I can feel it.  And when I can feel it, I know that others around me can feel it.  And when they start feeling it….it becomes an infectious antidote to feeling the victim in life.  Playing the victim bites.  Try playing the Pollyanna and remind yourself that the good stuff is right around the corner!!!  Seriously…it is – take a peek and look!


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  1. mikey says:

    I agree! Have faith in God and he will hook you up!

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