The Mormon Bachelorette

Recently I’ve been busy collaborating with a few friends of mine on a fun new adventure.  The Mormon Bachelorette is a web based reality show in it’s third season.  They’ve had a ton of success…including a temple marriage as the outcome for season 1 veterans Aubrey and Matt Laidlaw.

It takes a ton of courage for the singles that have volunteered themselves for this social experiment.  Sure there have been plenty of naysayers and critics…but look whose married and whose not.  I personally LOVE it and am thrilled to be a part of it!

After a lot of prayer and fasting Ashley Chapman was selected as this seasons Bachelorette.  It’s going to be fun to help walk her through the process and help her find true Mormon love!  I’ve loved talking with the potential suitors that have applied to take her out.  Nothing gets me more fired up than getting to know people that are ready to start listening to the Prophet’s voice!  The Mormon Bachelorette is just one means to an end….and a very entertaining one at that!

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