“Truth must be repeated again and again because error is constantly being preached round about us.” (Goethe)

I love it!  What a bit of genius!  Perhaps this is exactly why we sit through 3 (sometimes very very long) hours of church (well maybe that and the sacrament) each week?  We need that renewal and remembrance of truth.  I feel like ‘error’ surrounds us constantly.  Especially in the media.

A few years back I remember watching a 20/20 on Mary Kay Letourneau.  She was that teacher who slept with her 13 year old student, went to jail for it, had two of his children in jail, and then upon release married him!  As I sat mesmerized watching their tale unfold I remember by the end of it I felt some sympathy rise within me.  I was glad her love story had a happy ending and she got to marry the man of her dreams.  Oh wait…excuse me…the 13 year old boy of her dreams??!!  Quickly I caught myself and put a stop to my sympathetic rooting.  Hollywood sure knows how to confuse a hopeless romantic!  What a nightmare!

And don’t get me started on that thankfully short lived MTV show, “Skins.”  That time I didn’t feel any confusing sympathy as I watched the advertisements – just anger!  What a mess is being created by portraying bad behavior and choices as normal and mundane.  So sad.

Similar to that of a marriage where the ratio of 5 positive things to 1 negative will keep us happy and progressing – I hope we strive to invite 5 bits of truth in our life to every nasty dose of error.  No wonder the church schedules out our lives with activity after activity…just trying to keep it 5 to 1!

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