My mom always says that I must have been busy eating somewhere when they handed out talents in Heaven. Now that may well be true…but I did manage to get one thing that I’m pretty good at. Matchmaking! I happen to be brilliant at it if I do say so myself. To date I’ve set up 33 LDS singles successfully, and that was just in my spare time. This hobby has gone full time and I’m extremely anxious to help people find someone great to date and hopefully marry!  The LDS single culture is quite unique. I also belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so trust me that I get it.  If you haven’t found the one you’re looking for, then I say it’s time for me to try.  I’ll help coach your relationship all the way to the Temple!  Everything I do is completely confidential – it’s just you and me…and pretty soon your spouse to be!!!

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It’s confidential.


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**Formally known as “The Mormon Matchmaker.”  (I always like to do what the church says and they’ve asked me (and every other business using the title of Mormon) to no longer use the word ‘Mormon’ in my title…but that’s who I am and who I’ll always be…so don’t you forget it!)